About Me

   As the former General President for Boston Metro Area Local 100 APWU, I had the good fortune of having the #1 organized local among locals with 2000 or more members in the APWU.  Under my presidency, we rose from 92% to 95% organized.  The successes that I enjoyed in my local as President and Director of Industrial Relations are in direct proportion to the generosity of many Brothers and Sisters in my local.  

   It seems to me that, wherever we go, we hear nothing but doom and gloom regarding our future in the Postal Service.  I, for one, do not buy into that negativity.  We can and will win a future for the APWU and all of our Brothers and Sisters.  No doubt, this will take tremendous hard work and perserverance as we navigate through the minefields of uncertainty.  I believe I have the inexhaustible energy, dedication and passion to get the job done.  If elected, I will concentrate on meeting with all of our locals throughout our great country to, once again, put fire in the belly of the APWU.

   Brothers and Sisters, I relinquished my position as General President for Boston Metro because I believe remaining in office is unethical. Why should my Local pay for my leave as I seek this vital position?  This decision was not made by me lightly however; I am comitted to devoting everything in my being to winning this position.This job requires,and you deserve, all of my tlme and energy .

Any donations towards my campaign are truly and humbly appreciated.  Donations can be sent to: 

Moe Lepore
745 East Sixth St. #3
South Boston MA 02127
617 595 5549 


  • Postal career began in 1978
  • Became PTF Steward in 1978--the first and only PTF steward in Boston Metro Local APWU
  • Elected Steward in 1982, and Chief Steward in the GMF from 1986-1990, Boston Metro Local APWU
  • Elected Executive Board Clerk Craft Trustee 1984-1990, Boston Metro Local APWU
  • Elected Director of Industrial Relations 1993, Boston Metro Local APWU.  Served in this position for 3 terms--twice unopposed
  • Elected General President of Boston Metro Local APWU in 2002 and re-elected two successive terms
  • Served on the Executive Board of the Greater Boston Labor Council
  • Served on the Executive Board of the APW Accident Benefit Association as Area 1 Director
  • Served on the Executive Board of Massachusetts State APWU as Area Representative
  • Co-chairman for APWU National Rank and File Committee for our 2006-2010 National Agreement
  • Member of APWU Rank and File Committee for two contract extensions


  • VietNam Veteran DAV ; served in DaNang Vietnam from May 1966-1967; recipient of the National Defense Ribbon;Vietnam Commendation Ribbon; Navy Unit Citation.

  • 2004 New Jersey  Leader of the Year Award recipient.

  • 2009 Moe Biller Award recipient from APWU of Massachusetts.

  • I have had the good fortune throughout my career to have saved hundreds of Brothers and Sisters from Removals.

  • I have negotiated Local Agreements for Boston Metro Local APWU and spearheaded negotiations for thirty Associate Offices.

  • I negotiated twenty minute breaks for 800 brothers and sisters in our two largest facilities within Boston Metro Local APWU.

  • Negotiated One Million Dollar settlement for Casual-In-Lieu Of case and over Three Hundred Thousand Dollars for T E issue.

  • Processed more than 18,000 grievances as Director of Industrial Relations for nine years.

  • Filed hundreds of Unfair Labor Practices charges.

  • Spearheaded numerous pickets throughout Boston and New England.

  • I've appeared on numerous cable television shows as General President regarding labor issues within our industry.

  • Have written numerous published Op-Eds throughout the Greater Boston Area supporting the agenda of APWU.

  • I have attended twelve consecutive APWU National Conventions and more than two dozen APWU of Massachusetts State Conventions.

  • I have the good fortune to be called upon by our national officers to work at headquarters on many national issues.

  • Arbitration Advocate for many years in Boston.

  • Settled thousands of grievances at all levels of our procedure.

  • I have successfully represented many members in unemployment and OWCP hearings.