(September 6)—Brothers and Sisters, as this campaign progresses, I hope to offer you, through a series of messages, a more complete picture of my positions on the organizing issues that face this great union of ours—where we are today, where we need to be, and my vision of how we get there.  Today, I'd like to offer up a Labor Day message, as well as my heartfelt thanks to those who attended our recent National Convention and to those who shared some of their time with me at that event.  To read more, click on the “Platform” tab in the navigation bar above or simply click here.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters

   Gone are the days of complacency as America is in crisis.  Strong leadership is sorely needed.  We need to bring all Postal workers together, now, to maintain the tremendous gains we have fought for and won as a strong union.  We can no longer afford the luxury of non-members, who undermine not just our efforts but their own long term interests as well.  We can no longer ignore our greatest untapped resource, our retirees, who we can organize and engage simply by thinking outside of the box.  We can and will continue to organize the private sector, but we can never forget that our life's blood is the APWU as all flows from the parent organization.

   Now is the time for us to come together as a true union.  I refuse to believe the naysayers who say it can't be done.  I know in my heart and soul I can instill faith for many sister locals who want help to organize the unorganized.

   In these pages, you can read more about my 31 years of union activism, my background and accomplishments.  And, in the coming months, I will share more of my ideas and specific plans to achieve our mutually shared goals.  But know this: I believe in you.  Believe in me.  We are our Brothers' and Sisters' keeper.  I will use all of my abilities in thought and in deed every waking moment to continue the fight of protecting us all during these chaotic times in America.

   Elect a strong voice to the position of National Director of Organization--elect Moe Lepore.  I KNOW that I can and will inspire our union to greater heights.  As American working men and women, we deserve nothing less.  All I ask for is the opportunity to show you what your Brother Moe can do.

Any donations towards my campaign are truly and humbly appreciated.  Donations can be sent to: 

Moe Lepore
745 East Sixth St. #3
South Boston MA 02127
617 595 5549